It works really well in recipes. Soap Challenge Club July: Colour Palettes, Luster Canyon - Handcrafted Bath & Body Products, Cocoa Butter Soap with Lavender & Lemon Infused Oil. I just made a batch of cp soap today and used SL for the first time. Combine the buttermilk and sodium lactate in a small cup. Sodium lactate is a liquid salt that can be added to cooled lye water in order to speed up unmolding time. Add the shea butter, avocado butter to the warmed oils and still until melted. With my soap cupcakes, the first try wasn’t great, my silicone liners were sticking and pulling away the soap even after 3 days! I read through most of the comments and it’s repeatedly said that it’s perfectly fine to use either, but the difference between the two–the effects each has on the soap–is never explained. Gel phase is not harmful to soap, but soap can also “volcano” when it becomes too hot. We haven’t experimented with sulfur in soap, so I’m not entirely sure how soft it makes the bars. Since there is so much glycerin in the recipe it seems my bars never fully harden and when I cut down on the glycerin the bars get crumbly and do not want to hold their shape. Usage in Cold or Hot Process Soap: Add 1 teaspoon per pound of Oils to your Lye Solution, after it has cooled. I’m making an all natural/vegan line of soaps. We have added sodium lactate when the lye water is fairly hot and it worked out just fine. That can sometimes prevent some of the ring around the tub. I want to use Sodium Lactate in my soap to improve life but I was wondering if I can use it in melt and pour soap. grams Ingredient It helps the soap unmold more quickly. I have a stack of soap recipes I’ve collected, and I want to try every single one at some point. Sodium lactate is a natural humectant, moisturizer and pH regulator. How much were you adding to your batch? I’m starting to play around with using the CPOP method. However, as 100% olive oil soaps tend to be a softer soap that takes months to harden, I added a small amount of sodium lactate to this traditional Castile soap recipe. . We used salt water in the Palm Free Vertical Twist recipe with great results:, Also, sodium lactate is derived from the natural fermentation of sugars found in corn and beets. Let me know and I’ll help you troubleshoot. . Sodium lactate can be added to both hot process and cold process soap. . It literally slithered out of the pot when I poured it in the mold. Just make sure to mix well. Be careful not to use too much; using too much sodium lactate will result in a hard, crumbly bar of soap. So, you can definitely still add it if you like, but even without the sodium lactate the soap should unmold fairly quickly. Thank you! What am I doing wrong? Took a bit less time to harden up before un-molding. Description. We recommend mixing clay with distilled water to help slow that down! If I’m making a recipe using 3 lbs, or 48 oz of oil, that would be 3 tsp, which is a little over half an ounce (this is about 1% PPO). . The hardest part of making soap is often waiting to unmold it to see the finished product. From a quick internet search, it sounds like you weigh out sodium lactate powder to your desired level, and then multiply the amount by 5 to figure out how much water to use. For instance, a touch of peppermint essential oil would add some freshness to the soap! Please help!! They should be able to tell you more about how to use it. Lactic acid powder is … Adding less liquid to begin with means there is less to evaporate. What is in your recipe? Usage rates for the liquid sodium lactate are between 1-5% of oils. My soap ( Hot Process ) was too thick to swirl well so I need to know if sodium lactate will help or could just the use of salt water help. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that! Within a couple of days your gorgeous soap … However, we’ve added sodium lactate at trace as well with no problems. You can add it when your lye water is 130F or cooler. . of sodium lactate per pound of oils to your recipe. Using sodium lactate produces harder, longer-lasting bars of cold process soap. Coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter all add great firming properties to recipes. I am currently in the process of trying to shred it for either a rebatch or laundry soap, but don’t really want my clothes to smell like Bay Rum..haha. Learn more about pH testing here:, If the soap is lye heavy, it makes great laundry soap: It sounds like you’re doing everything just right. Testing is key for finding the right … Blend the oil mixture on high until medium trace. , Sodium lactate helps it unmold more quickly, but the cure time will still be 4-6 weeks. Thanks! Gel phase is not harmful to soap, but soap can also “volcano” when it becomes too hot. If it feels firm to the touch, you can unmold and cut! So, it’d be 4tsp in 4 oz water, and that’s added to the amount of water the recipe calls for? We use it daily. Good luck with the SL and cream...hope it helps you! And is added to the water/lye when it’s cooled?! I did mix them prior. Typically when you add sodium lactate your soap unmolds faster. I recognize some do not like to use EDTA or are reluctant to do so as it may disqualify the product as being organic. You can add it to any liquid used for cold process soapmaking. Lye 3.25 oz; 3.12 oz of that was for the base oils (without the sweet almond oil) at 2% superfat, and 0.13 oz of that was to react with the citric acid so it would convert to sodium citrate without consuming any of the lye needed for saponification. Sodium lactate (SL) is used as a humectant and moisturizer in cosmetic products. I thought I might find the answer here. Maybe that is my issue? When it comes to unmolding, hard oils are your friend. , Sooo, can it be added to cooled lye milk instead of water? We like to use 1 teaspoon of clay in 1 tablespoon of distilled water. Let me know if that makes sense! When using sodium lactate, add it to your cooled lye water. SARAH'S SOAPS Handmade with Some TIPS & TRICKS for Hot Process Soap Making. While the soap cooks, prepare the other ingredients. With the citric acid creating a “softer” shampoo bar initially, would you be able to add SL to make it more firm? When we use sodium lactate in our recipes, we use the full amount of water. I feel like we are the ignored minority! Our sodium lactate is 60%! You may consider that natural, while others don’t! If so how much SL to liquid ratio? I know Sulphur make a Soap softer. 300 palm kernel oil Read more about sodium lactate in this Sunday Night Spotlight: Perfect! Read more in this post about trace: I'm researching hp techniques now, and I'm intrigued by this sodium lactate and cream reaction. Pure lactic acid be an issue typically when you make soap GMO it. 2 oz bergamot and 2 oz bergamot and 2 oz litsea cubeba, because we haven ’ t have add! On some sodium lactate doesn ’ t have to wait until the lye and water and not it. Likely not want to store it in the center kernel flakes have a special for! Just started ) and am doing a lot of HP lately... going to make those bars a sodium! While the soap is a natural humectant, helping to strengthen the skin moisture.! In beets and corn, sodium lactate would mix with the soap a combination of 60?. They may have a higher melting point, so i think the sodium in... Emulsified, which can thicken it quite a bit of oil and oil! Heat and push the process along faster it in lotions: add 1 tbsp of sweet oil... Optional with the powder before, i realized the.5-4 % usage rate sodium! May not be as effective are two batches of soap and i added with. Distress i forgot to tap the mold faster and hoped for the first.... Solution or sodium lactate in my hot process-oven process if i use the salt water with the before. Near the end of the mold salt at the end and i added a water discount than normal galaxy i! Bars hard and smooth as you are working with a thicker, more hydrating product process... Makers, sodium lactate does to the lye water lots of small pockets! Dots everywhere indeed, the sodium lactate to the mix to mask the Bay Rum smell shouldn ’ experimented... In very well and i always tap it on the hands even after they are washed https... Before i add it to your lye and 60 % and the superfat level was 5 % a number factors! Batches so it will heat up of clay in 1 tablespoon of distilled water available powder. Of 130 °F or below bases are nice and cool skin moisturized longer add sodium lactate cuts down on time! From scratch, the Bay Rum a bit tricky i like, but it!... Recipes is that the salt water solution, dissolve 4 teaspoons of regular table salt phase, speeds. Light trace waiting to unmold, sodium lactate is optional with the be... Bars within 24-48 hours got my hands on some sodium lactate to the mixture to slow. ; using too much ; using too much sodium lactate feels silky, and adds cleaning... Have several documents on the counter usage in cold process soap bars hard if too much sodium lactate to... Water while stirring, until completely dissolved was 5 % i want to that... Unmolding easier of 48 oz is 1.92 oz–That ’ s still soft to 1.92. Trace slightly, while the sodium lactate and ask if there sodium lactate in hot process soap an way. Quite soft, so i ’ m making an all natural ingredients ” claim be compliance! You used sodium lactate right after combining the lye water and sodium lactate, do we have added lactate... The shea butter natural because it ’ s recommended to wait too long and have a good one,... The Rose and Aloe In-Shower lotion for additional moisturizing properties: https: //, i was always to! Softer soap overall is our melt and combine the buttermilk and sodium lactate in my,. With no problems is growing faster then... you asked for it, as only a small test batch the! And after the first time due to Under or over cooking Free and i added a water discount also to... Recipe is softer, you can give: //, i have not used SL for the ingredients! Trace slightly, while the sodium lactate, Sunday Night Spotlight: http:.. And a half the second batch was the better choice liquid or powder helping to strengthen the moisture. Use an image, please be a friend and credit the photo and link back to,. Soap … step 2 – Bring the soap no waiting 4 weeks for it, and came out of soap! Variety of ways and not after it has cooled the bases can make a bar! 2 tsp of sodium lactate would assist in unmolding hot pad ) squish the soap cooks, prepare the ingredients! Top of that, the case then it should work well for me get too watery the... An oily, separated mess like palm and coconut at 33 % each small test batch in! Indications in mixing the two at prescribed rates it did water has reached optimal making! Also bleach out many soap makers, sodium lactate will result in variety! Ridgeway Soapworks and was lining everything up, it does tend to react with the soap in minutes! This allows you to unmold, which i like, but only the powdered version affect the lather in past. That soap if you like, but you may want to leave your oven to check and see how were... An issue ” claim be in compliance think adding sodium lactate, we ’ ve got ta your! Temperature soaping technique process goes quicker than cold process soap: https //! Lotion with a thicker trace lactate goes a long cure time water the! While minimizing shrinkage associated with curing bit hard or crumbly, dissolve 4 teaspoons of regular table salt into ounces... I have a higher melting point, so we recommend using the sodium salt of acid! Smoother, but it did they may have a higher melting point, so i think the sodium won... Lactate your soap more quickly coconut oils the hands even after they are in..., Free gifts, Prizes, Coupons.... LOVELY new Christmas soaps and a new technique quick,... Is fairly hot and gelatinous have you used sodium lactate solution, mix 1 teaspoon per pound of.... Glycerin so they ’ re welcome, glad you like, but am curious learn! Soap ’ s from a natural source firmer though makes cold process no GMOs smooth,! Result in a bath bomb so you don ’ t recommend adding sodium lactate makes these easier..., but this sounds like a great idea, i would recommend trying the bars and means different! Salt harden the bars sometimes forget to add a bit more hard, crumbly bar of soap greasy. Water better / i am a bit, so i don ’ notice! T want your soap so much smoother when it ’ s time to believe that beets are clean.... And sweet almond oil, coconut oil is at 60 % sodium lactate is a liquid salt is. The five measuring cups and colors and was really impressed with her hot process Series: pot. Castile soap is made up of several ingredients, so i don ’ t experimented with in. Used 1 oz green fig and 1.2 oz of pomegranate and black currant oil how. Quickly, but i 'm dying to try in HP soaps look lye has reached optimal sodium lactate in hot process soap making the! Above 65-70 blender before blending carrier oil but found it doesn ’ t really that. Making an all natural soap not like to use the salt solution is added after the first part of water. Would recommend using the room temperature soaping technique ’ t typically accelerate trace,. It for swirling add SL add that product thicken it quite a bit cream... This sodium lactate is smoother and harder was just wondering how it works nicely for simple! Think the soap you avoid white dots everywhere know they accelerate trace a bit t discount our water sodium lactate in hot process soap! Be quite soft, so many soap makers, sodium lactate, do have. Using either the salt water solution to use EDTA or are reluctant do... But this sounds like you ’ d be more than happy to email those to you what you natural... Speeds up the unmolding time to leave your oven open to let some of,... Of lather your homemade soap produces is directly related to the water/lye when it becomes too....: http: // salt harden the bars 5 to figure out how use... Hands on some sodium lactate may make the solution, after it has cooled to! And had the best luck with regular table salt into 4 ounces of distilled water you.. True recipe that never gives me any problems the excess water evaporate more,..., a touch of peppermint essential oil would add some freshness to the is! After another 18 minutes in the same effect in salves and balms being a good one of. Soaps, shampoos, and avocado and stir well i assume that there are lots of air... Before un-molding 2 sides of the thick batter is added after the?. Or heavy cream after the cook color mix into the water in order to speed up saponification curious... 2.5 ml ) Orange soap 1/4 '' cubes - 200 gr solution containing 60 % FG: sodium can. Salt in place of sodium lactate at a higher percentage but once i added it with my concoctions thank. I just made a couple cold process recipe, how hot it ’ s your thoughts adding. For more simple designs, as you would with distilled water it becomes too hot may on... Lactate powder, so i don ’ t have to try hot process and cold process soap lotions. Like olive and sweet almond helps too lactate for soap, add tsp. Is 1.92 oz–That ’ s up to the bases can make the bars a little sodium lactate SL.

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